DE Disposal

Greetings Everyone. May I ask for advice? What's your preferred method(s) of disposing DE blades that don't come in a plastic container, with the wee compartment to house used blades?
As you know, Polsilvers, Astras etc. come in cardboard boxes; so I thought I'd seek some guidance from experienced hands.

Many thanx for reading.

I use an old travel sweet tin - you know the round metal ones - it will hold hundreds of old blades and when it's full I take it to the recycling centre and put it in the appropriate skip. No good if you don't eat sweets mind.........
I couldn't decide what to do with my new pot of ToOBS Sandalwood shaving cream which I REALLY didn't like. I ended up spooning it down the bog, removing the stickers and washing it out and it's now a perfect pot for storing spent blades, should hold a few hundred I reckon (y).
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