Creightons For Me Ultra Rich Sensitive Shave Cream

Just finished a review for this, here's the summary:

Creightons are a British company that has long produced shaving products for other names. Indeed, they have several of their own brands, from Groomed to those like St James of London and The Real Shaving Co. that they have now sold on. They’ve obviously decided it was time to start making things under their own name.

I treated this as I would any lathering cream, despite the instructions implying it was brushless. I found it produced good lather when used with a brush.

Looking back, it provided me with good shaves, although the slickness and protection weren’t the best I’ve encountered — with nicks being picked up on most outings.

They don’t describe the fragrance anywhere, so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. I can only describe it as a mixed floral scent. Not unpleasant, but not something you’ll be hunting down a matching EDT for.

This is insanely cheap compared to most other creams, and, while it doesn’t match the top-tier products for performance, it provides a more than adequate experience.

Full review here.