Who shaves off a coti.... I "Think" with more time on the stone I may be able too...but for now I take it as far as I can and finish on a black Ark, the razor was Gold Dollar 208, it has a really nice edge now without stropping...I will strop it later when I go upstairs.
So do you shave off a coti and leather ?

Stropped and very much Shave ready, a superb edge, maybe try it Thursday coz I just shaved earlier.
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I got into coticules about 18 months ago and yes I do shave off a coticule followed by leather. For a month I just maintained my razors with a single stone, even cutting a completely new bevel on one razor which had been chipped. I just used the coticule from bread knifing to new bevel to shave ready.

I went a bit mad and bought a drawer full of stones. Every single one hones differently. I have got the hang of most of them.

I like the simplicity of honing with a single stone, and I do like a pure coticule edge. It isn't my favourite edge but I still like it.

I prefer a Charnley Forest or a Yellow Lake or a paste finished edge but will happily shave with a coti edge.
Whilst every coticule is fairly unique - although knowing the layer does give you a head start - here are some things I have found that might be useful.

X strokes don't seem to work like they do on other types of stones - stick to Japanese strokes, ellipses (for convex coticules) or circles.
Circles work best for the water stage.
Start each dilution stage with more torque and gradually reduce it.
Strop before moving to water.
Increase number of strokes with each dilution step.
The bigger the garnets, the more you have to control dilution.
Finish under running water and feel for "stiction"
Once you have finished honing, strop on plain flax linen followed by plain leather.

That is what has worked for me generally. As we are discussing coticules your mileage will most certainly vary from mine.
I have a vintage coticule. I have tried coticule shave after cotton and leather and it was ok. The edge was comfortable, but not very keen. It was tugging a bit. After that I did coticule and balsa strop with .5mic,.25mic and .1mic diamond and just leather and the shave was much better. Since then I got a Japanese natural that works wonderfully and have put all my other finishers in storage. Very keen and comfortable edges...
BTW, my friend swears by the black ark. He uses Dawn dishwashing liquid or shaving soap lather and claims he gets better edges that way...
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