Cornerstone Razor subscription Service

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Hi Guys I have been using Cornerstone Razor I can say it the best shave I ever had I know they use the same blades as USA brand Harry's but the razor Handle stands out and is one of the best as we can stand the razor up right plus we get our initials engraved on it.

They have won the short list men grooming award 2015 for best razor or shaver that's pretty impressive as they have started in 2014.

The blades don't have the precision trimmer but they are working on it as they have said.

It's way cheaper then your usual leading brands plus they do face scrub, shave gel and post shave balm I have not tried there face scrub, shave gel and post shave balm as i have ordered them and will give a review for you guys.

I know there are many UK subscription service that send blades out but Cornerstone stands out from the rest.

The first box with razor handle cost £4.00 then it's £14 for six blades how frequently you want them sent.

Click on the link to receive £10 off your first order

I like cornerstone as they are a British company.
Rainham, Kent
Dave Gorman dedicated a section of one of his show's , explaining how these type of "Awards" come about, and as I clicked and followed, I discovered this is exactly as I suspected, a "Self Nominated" award.

So the question is..... when Cornerstone won the award to beat Gillette and Wilkinson sword, did these 2 companies even bother to nominate themselves ?
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