Copycat Fragrance review thread

I was sent a sample of the Aventus cologne. Very harsh alcoholic opening and settled to a grapefruit type skin scent with very little projection for about 90 minutes.
My first and last from Copy cat.


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I finally bit the bullet and purchased the below. I have to be honest and say when i sprayed these i was actually quite disappointed as they had an overpowering alcohol smell, however once this died down the scents were very pleasant and has actually lasted for most of the day.

Inspired by Bleu - have used a couple of times now. very similar to the original once it dies done
Inspired by Dior Sauvage - have the original however i haven't yet used this but will give an update once i try
ADP Colonia Intensa - this one was a pleasant surprise. i haven't smelled the original but i quite like the oud smell in this. this fragrance is almost identical to the beard oil which i have (
Tom Ford Oud Wood- i havent smelled the original however i would say the silage for this isn't more than a couple of hours so this was slightly disappointing.
I care for neither Sauvage nor Blue de Chanel so I didn't try the Copycat version. I love the Colonia Oud. If you get two hours out of the Copycat Oud Wood you are, believe me, getting much longer than the original which does about 10 minutes on me.
I notice they have a sale on atm and a clone of TF Lost Cherry is available. I love cherry scent so I might give it a go.
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