Cleaning a non-gold razor - UK/ Britain/ Europe

I find that an overnight soak in Barbicide usually does the trick for me. However, I've only used it once on an aluminium handled Rocket 500 because it stained the handle.
Does anyone know a safe way of cleaning up aluminium handles razors?
Mild bathroom cleaner i.e. regular Flash or Mr Muscle, followed by Peek Polish has worked well in the past for me. An old toothbrush works well for scrubbing
Regular use of barbacide will keep your razors free of soap scum. You don't want to use barbacide (or bleach water) on stainless razors. It will cause pitting.

As for scrubbing bubbles, it is the go to razor cleaner in the U.S., and (insert brand name) bathroom mousse in the U.K. is basically the same stuff. As previously noted, it will start dissolving Bakelite. If you want to clean or refresh your Bakelite cases or handles, Brasso or automotive rubbing compound will work to restore the shine.
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