Citrus recommendations?


Castlerea , Ireland
Just wanted to update the kind people that helped me out above.
Well, you all did a fabulous job in helping me spend a bloody fortune! (No I know I can do that all on my own)
The wise words above were true, the citrus fragrances do have short longevity so I was disappointed overall, however, got to discover a few delicious scents - namely Penhaligon and Atelier! They were stunning!
Very disappointed in M&W 4711, didn’t like it at all.
Also really, really liked the Diptyque scent - very nice.
Gonna try to be patient and next to try will be Yardley and Pinaud Citrus Musk.
However, for time being I’m gonna use the next few years to use up these scents and keep my Boucheron as I do love the initial hit of citrus and the next hour or so.
So a big thanks to all that helped and another bit of experience to put in my pocket.
I agree on the 4711 I thought it smelt more like Urinal Cake , but then I thought that of Neroli shave soap too !
I don’t know how easy it is to get U.S. products in the U.K.,but here’s a few I find to be quite nice :
For a ‘yellow’ citrus or amber scent, Clubman citrus musk is a nice plain alcohol splash. No glycerin or propylene glycol
so it works quite well in more humid weather. For something with glycerin in it, for moisturization, try master Champagne.
If you want to split the difference, and get something with just a little moisturization try Col. Conk’s Amber.
If you want the traditional English gentleman’s scent, lime, you might consider Clubman’s lyme sec, it’s a dry lime
and again, like all Clubman a/s it is a plain alcohol splash, perfect for humid weather. If you want something moisturizing
that you can wear when it’s dry, check out Booster’s Ice Lime. Finally if you want just a little moisturization, once again
Col. Conk’s lime works well, having propylene glycol in it, it’s not as ‘heavy’ as glycerin.
Obviously, Royall lime, Trumper’s, or any other traditional English lime would work, but none of them have any humectants
and their scents don’t really last that long (like most lime scents, unfortunately), that’s why the Clubman is a cologne
strength, that’s about the only way you can get lime to stick around.
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