Christy ... Three Ways

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Christy, of Fremont, Ohio, makers of the 'Hoe' and the 'Safety ... with Massage Bar' razors and it is the latter with which we concern ourselves here.

... one piece handle and head/cap with a removable blade tray and massage bar.

While a lovely looking razor, the requirement for proprietary blades renders them today pretty useless: pretty, but useless.

Although ...

First Way

Find suitable proprietary blades by scouring second hand shops, online auctions, forums, beg, borrow or steal ... and try to maintain.

Notice the blade gap? Remember that ...

Awesome factor: 5 ... pretty good find, if you can
Whoa! Bummer! factor: 10 ... they're going to go dull if they work for you at all

Second Way

Remove that funny massage bar and slide in a regular GEM blade to make a sort of SE'vette. Notice the blade is just a little wider than the head making it impossible to slide the massage bar back in, leaving it sticking out. There is a way, but you have to modify the blade so much it just isn't worth it.

Awesome factor: 5 ... neat idea!
Whoa! Bummer! factor: 10 ... it's going to hurt when it goes wrong!

Third Way

You know those funny razors from Schick? Yeah, injectors, or something ...

Well, they take these little blades which prove useful for all sorts of things. You'd think they'd work in those injector razors, but that's another story.

Anyway, remember the blade gap?

Voila! The blade sits just in front of the lugs that hold in those proprietary blades and when closed up and pushed together, the tension of the head against the massage bar plate holds that blade in place.

From "pretty useless" to "pretty good, actually" ...

Awesome factor: 10 ... AWESOME!!!
Whoa! Bummer! factor: 0 ... zero, zip, nothing ... nada ... it "just works" :D
West Norfolk. UK
UKRob said:
One of these days your face will drop off.
I agree Rob.
I think Paul should volunteer to be the first person on this forum to cut a stick from the hedgerow split it with his pocket knife insert a SE blade binding it in place with a strip of tree bark and shave with it using only his reflection in a puddle!

The old sh*t you try to shave with amazes me!!:icon_lol::icon_lol:

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
JohnnyO said:
And the first entrant for the " Take One for the Team " Award 2015 is our very own ...
I think I took the whole pack, mate :blush:

In all seriousness ... the first is a pipe dream, the second a non-starter but the third is absolutely viable and gives a good shave. I did similar a while back with a Kriss Kross razor - with that one, there were no stops behind the blade, so it could be adjusted to suit aggressiveness or otherwise.

Better than injectors? Well, this shaves, injectors didn't (for me) so it's a win :D
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
... and now, the Keen Kutter counterpart:

It came with two baseplates which are ever so slightly different: one has some patent numbers on the comb, the other plain. The very subtle difference is, one holds an injector blade quite firmly between the side guides, the other does not and the blade slips back. Neither fit onto the Christy without forcing. The big difference between these and the Christy is, the Christy has a couple of bumps which, by happy coincidence, stop an injector blade just perfectly - the Keen Kutter needs a shim behind, but ...

The baseplate with the patent numbers is just a smidge tighter and so, the injector blade can be positioned and slipped into the razor to use without a shim behind. Lucky.

I guess the other baseplate could have the side guide tightened by literally a hair's width and give the same characteristics.
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