Chilli/hot sauce anyone?

What's doing Martin,

Slightly surprised you hadn't heard of Franks or Crystal but I'd like you to try this local place for some pizza pie.

just north of Denver
antdad said:
What's doing Martin,

Slightly surprised you hadn't heard of Franks or Crystal but I'd like you to try this local place for some pizza pie.
I get it....your asking me to do a small review of the place! Never caught the address but it's easy to find. Thank you for you're interest....

Hah, sorry Tony....couldn't help myself, knowing you're pet peeve as I do. Maybe this will teach you what happens when you show any weaknesses....

I may have tried the Crystal in the past I think, along with a few others of that type. If I'm not mistaken, it's more of a vinegar base that I'm not crazy about. Heh, before I forget, I'm a fan of Pickapeppa sauce....ever use that? Nicer option than steak sauce. Please do try that green taco sauce if it's available near you. Great change up from reds.

Actually, I much prefer a crispy thin crust over the more doughy option. There's just something about......well it's kinda like having pizza toppings on bread in a way. Nah, gimme a nice thin crackly bottom (with very light soot marks) anyday,

I'm guessing the hot sauce revival (and all it's rage for being the 'hottest') really came into it's own maybe 20 years ago. I remember all the brands trying to top each other on the Scoville scale....pretty funny names to the stuff. I believe back then Endorphin Rush held the record, and the Scotch Bonnet was the hottest pepper used at that time.

Never much of a fan of those types, but I had a best buddy who'd try just about anything regarding hot sauces or peppers. Sigh.....guys like that are very fun to be around. You got to see someone in a bit of distress.....sometimes serious distress. The thing is, you know it's not gonna kill anyone, so the harm it feels like it's doing really isn't so bad as you imagine it being.

One morning maybe 20 years ago, he and his family and me with mine were all at a farmers market in Boulder Co. There was a vendor selling different varieties of hot peppers. He had the Sotch Bonnet, but offered others that he said were more intense.

One of these was maybe an inch long and not the dried type....this was a fresh one. Came three in a package and were called 'Vietnamese Bullets of Death'.......catchy eh? I was lucky enough to see my friend bite one half of one pepper and chew that small morsel. that was entertainment! I miss that friend of mine........sigh,

Yeah, everything starting to run from whatever orifices there are on you're (can't help myself) head. His nose opened up right away and eyes got red and watery. Heh, turned a medium bright red there for a while.Gasping for breath while trying to flap his lips at the same time. He mighta been making other pitiful sounds, but sadly I can't remember em.

He also (later in the day) tried one drop of that Endorphin Rush sauce. That was also fun to be around. Yeah, everyone should know someone like my buddy Jamie.

East London
Hi, great to see I am not the only Sriracha addict, I keep a bottle at work and one at home, I even take it along to BBQs. I have been a chilli addict for years, I knew I had a problem when I put some on a twix.

I have narrowed my supply down to two now, the Sriracha for flavorsome additions and Mr Naga for a hot smokey treat.[/font]

joe mcclaine

I knew there was a thread somewhere.

Tried Frank's Chilli 'n' Lime the other day. It is hands down the very best tasting sauce I've ever had. Now, if they could just make it hotter.

I'm working my way up the Scoville Scale so have been using Blair's Original Death Sauce - as mentioned in this thread. 4 tsps livens up a tin of beans nicely.

Now to try some of their hotter sauces.
Chilli Factory Scorpion Strike Sauce is a fairly hot sauce. it has a nice flavour to it, quite smokey. This maybe from the scorpion peppers its made from. Im not sure it matches the 15/10 on the label though.

Franks is hands down the best hot sauce to use in a buffalo wing sauce recipe.
Glad I discovered this thread, I'm going to try and make some of my own sauce now. Going to try and get some of the Sriracha sauce to try aswell.
I like the hotter sauces, but they always end up with that bitter taste the hotter they get.
Ive mostly bought the chilli pepper pete sauces. the BBQ one has a nice taste to it, the dragons blood XXX extra hot takes some getting used to. Ive just got some Carolina Reaper peppers and powder in the post, they give a good burn aswell.
I really like the CaJohns Select Red Savina Puree which is really fruity, and the Blair's Heat range- the Habanero Mango and Jalapeño are delicious, the Habanero being my favourite.
The Wee County
I am a big fan of Daves Insanity Sauce as I like a real hot kick to most meals but Its not available locally anymore. Any suggestions for a good hot,hot sauce that is sold by the national supermarkets would be gratefully received.
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