Chilli/hot sauce anyone?

Whenever I've seen an interesting looking sauce I usually pick it up which has meant cupboards full to bursting of used and unused stuff. Anyway had a clearout and I'm down to my final four that have been used and renewed. Not weapons grade, just flavourful favorites.

Sriracha is the db's hence the catering size tube, more side sauce than additive with a very high % of chilli and not much vinegar. The green top is more chilli/garlic
and I occasionally cut it with the red when I want more heat but for me it can't be beat.

Franks & Crystal are the US vinegar based hot sauces, good pep up to liquids.

Cholula Chipotle is very good but I've run out, the garlic version here is okay but not hugely different to the green top Sriracha.

Don't really care for Encona or Tobasco much but is there anything else worth a try?
Kent "Invicta"
Love chilli, this one is definitely worth a go if you like that feeling of dizziness when the heat hits you.

Have a look around the site as he stocks some very good sauces and marinades.[hr]
If your into chilli and all things hot, have a look around the forums and blogs here. They can often lead to obscure products that are not readily available on the high street.
Radstock, Nr Bath. UK
I used to love a chilli, garlic and lime sauce which was made by someone like HP but it alas I've not seen it in about a decade. Probably not in the realms of those you have their but it was the best I had come across. My family like mild spices so I only get to use a hot sauce when they are away, and then I just buy chillies. Where did you get the Green topped Sriracha? That might be a useful addition to the larder and with a squeeze of lime I think it could replicate my old favorite.
I reckon most Chinese or Asian cash n carry/supermarkets will carry the brand but I've not seen it on the high street.

That bottle is 750ml and cost £3 from an Asian super but Hoo Hing also stock it and some other variations but I can't remember if that included lime, their site isn't up to date.

That green top Sriracha is very very nice but it wouldn't be very difficult making something "quite" similar; ketchup, garlic powder, available chilli/chilli sauce to taste, more commonly available vinegar based sauce like Encona or Tobasco would cut through the sweet ketchup, I think that would work.
Hitchin, Herts
After getting used to "Franks" on my travels in Canada (mixed with melted butter it's the original hot wing sauce) I quite often have some in the fridge, although it's not very complex. Good for adding to sauces.

I like West Indian style ones (Like Encona) as a side sauce on cold meats and pies etc as the vinegar goes well with cold foods but it's too vinegary to add to sauces.

I'm not a fan of these "Dave's Insanity / Pete's ridiculously stupid / Jonno's instant death" sauces as they're not really a sauce. Just a paste of the hottest chillies they can find. If you can't taste anything in the sauce then it's kind of self defeating. I half wonder if they're marketed as some sort of ultimate "man" test. Hot for hot's sake if you will.

My local kebab grill makes their own recipe, it's very complex with a lot of garlic, roasted peppers, herbs, I keep asking him for the recipe but he's very evasive.

Antdad: Have you tried Dunn's River? That's in the ethnic section of my local Sainsburys, might just be a localised thing as there's a big West Indian population round here.
My current favourite;

15-20 hot peppers (scotch bonnet or habanero) I prefer SB's more fruity
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups vinegar
10 leaves of Shado Beni or 1 cup cilantro
6 cloves of garlic
1/4 small green papaya I prefer mango
1 small bitter melon (caraili)
1 lemon or 2 ripe limes
Juice of 4 limes
8 pimento peppers – optional
1 carrot – optional (helps to balance heat from peppers)

Decrease or increase vinegar to make it thicker / thinner. It has a good amount of heat without been OTT. It has alot of taste.

For shop bought I like Matouks hot pepper sauce, or all of the Nando's varieties.
Canuck said:
I like West Indian style ones (Like Encona) as a side sauce on cold meats and pies etc as the vinegar goes well with cold foods but it's too vinegary to add to sauces.
We have some Encona in the cupboard. It was good the other day on home made fajitas.
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