Cartridges vs Safety razor

Ive been using my mach3 for the past 3 days and have no issues. Good prep and beard mapping is the key to getting a great shave with anything.
However, just placed an order or a colonial general [emoji851][emoji16][emoji847]

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Shaved with the cheapest fusion today, didn't change anything in my routine apart from substituted my soap for TOBS cream and it was a superb shave I took my time paid attention to my beard map and got superb results no signs of ingrown hairs or razor bumps and face doenst feel as dry as what it usually does, I must admit after 1 year and half of using a safety razor it is a very strange feeling using a cart again. I may be a convert!!
That'll be you offski then,....Don't slam the door on your way out!
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After several years of using a DE I went back to using a cartridge, Mach3 and Sensor. I find I get better and more satisfying shaves from these two cartridges than I did with my DE's. I must say, however, that I did develop and refine my technique when using a DE and that this was readily transferable to my cartridges. At this juncture I can't see going back to using a DE.
Yep, although I will probably go back to my safety razor at some point maybe and maybe a straight one day
Wet shaving is wet shaving - like it has already been said; just choose your kit!

I predominantly use a Schick injector and often think it's not a million miles from a cartridge razor. Maybe a little bit of the design was borrowed :rolleyes:
I use an injector for the first pass to save clogging twin blade carts or Mach3's. I don't have time to get my Krona out that often nowadays.
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