Can you name anything that youngsters of today won't know?

On a more serious note, world history is generally written by the winners of conflicts, or the Western powers (often the same thing). During wars a lot of misinformation and spin is put out and some of this also finds its way into history books as presumed fact. There are a lot of unexplained things about the Balkan War, for instance, and unless you were actually there at the time you will have to base your ideas of what actually happened on the way history has written it up. No doubt this applies to the majority of conflicts, where later generations will never know some of the things that actually took place.
I had a top loading Fisher Betamax, I still have my parents front loading Sony Betamax, including tapes with the first flight of the Space Shuttle and the complete Live Aid 1985 concert. I recorded the concert with mine and my parents Betamax, when 1 tape was at his end, I started the other recorder.
I worked in a TV rental shop, I had a bank of machines lined up, VHS, Beta & V2000.

Live Aid went on after the shop mains switched off, so the machines set for later were in the workshop on the soak test supply.

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A young lad (21) I work with didn't know what a Wurlitzer was. Never fails to baffle me that boy!! :)
Wonder if he's heard of a spud gun??
Can you imagine it, a spud gun these days would be classed as a dangerous weapon. You would need to wear gloves, helmet, goggles, facemask, ear muffs and lets not forget a full 3 step H&S assessment :)
Oh, ...and l nearly forgot about the food hygiene certificate for the spud.
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