Can you name anything that youngsters of today won't know?

At primary school only being allowed to write with a pencil until you were judged worthy of moving onto a fountain pen. Ball-points were not allowed.

Teachers being allowed to mark in red ink, throw chalk / board rubbers at you or deliver a clip around the ear. Linked to this, being afraid of your parents finding out because they'd side with the teachers.

Bobbies on the beat.
They still do 'Pen Licences' in at least some Primary Schools.
Perfectly correct. When I was young and poor most of my music came from a shop that sold off used singles for 10p. They had all been pulled out of juke boxes and had the centres knocked out.
Didn't most singles have the centers removed? That why we had these:

Pitralon forever - Real pens have a nib - If it doesn't tick, it's not a watch.
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Deep South Texas
The name of Tom Mix horse.
The name of the RCA Dog who is waiting for his Master's Voice.
What a Church Key is.
That ALL beer is brewed cold.
Big Momma Thornton.
Who's on first?
That "Frankie & Johnny were lovers" is not about a same sex marriage.
That it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.
That you can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.
Why there was a baby face on the bottle.
Mississippi John Hurt.
When the Cuyahoga River caught fire.

Check the date shown on lower right coin.​
In freezing weather Putting a blanket overnight under the car bonnet to keep the engine “warm “ .and the consequences if you forget it’s there next morning.
Further to that, seeing core plugs which had popped out in sub zero conditions and pools of coolant under the engine blocks when things warmed up.

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Bill & Ben and Twizle on a black and white tv, that had a wooden shutter that you pulled over the screen when not in use.
Packets of plan potato crisps that had a twist of blue paper containing salt, that you had to apply yourself.
A paraffin heater that stank the whole house out.
Being third inline to use a tin bath on bath night, ( always on Sunday night).
Traveling on the A1 at night and hardly ever seeing another car on the road.
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