Can you name anything that youngsters of today won't know?

I can remember much of the above. To this day I can still do mental arithmetic in £sd.

As children, we had to memorise the family Co-Op divi number as we were often sent out to get fags for our parents. Another of our jobs was to collect the coupons from the cigarette packets and bundle them up for when Mum and Dad wanted to get something from the Embassy catalogue.

We were also in charge of sticking the Green Shield stamps in the books, too.
Well, there isn't much I'd add... Not that I am an old geezer...:D... of course...


... when you had to watch the telly (if you had one...) at a given time because if you missed it you couldn't watch it any other day...

... when you really got excited with Christmas presents (on the morning of the 6th of January for me, Christmas morning for you guys...).. and you thought it was magic...

... when you have to use an encyclopaedia...

... when you have to share a Coca Cola with your younger sister...

... when you had to eat it all...
583 about not knowing or rather little or no chance of securing a final salary pension scheme; purchasing a family home if you are on an average salary and live in the South-East; receiving free university education; a job for life in a nationalised industry; school class sizes with less than 30 kids in them; free prescriptions, free dentistry; a benefit system that really was a safety net; getting your mortgage paid if you lost your job; being able to take your employer to a tribunal with out excessive fees...the list goes on. Viewed through a different optic one can understand those that say that today's young people have been robbed and screwed by the generation before them. In many ways young people have it much harder and to top it all we are entering a fourth revolution where many of the jobs we now know will not exist and jobs created will require a different skill-set that the education system is not yet equipping them for...and finally we have saddled them with so much national debt that they will have to pay a higher proportion of their earnings in taxes than the generation before...
The dial-up connection tone.

Remember it from my childhood but I doubt many kids these days know it (I'm only 26 as it is).

Edit: this includes being unable to use the phone whilst connected to t'interwebs.
Good memories, that! And for those getting the jitters from lack of exposure to said 28.8 (or the, in comparison, incredibly fast 56K!) modem dial-up sound, here's your solution: *Ahhhhhh*


In the garden
Spangles sweets, Texan bars, Cremola foam fizzy pop drink.

Amstrad CPC464 computer and its predecessor, my almighty powerful Commodore VIC20 with a massive 5k of RAM!

Telephones with a dial.

Televisions with curved screens like a goldfish bowl in a faux-wooden cabinet that weighed at least a tonne.

2-star and 4-star petrol. Was there 3-star?
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