Can you name anything that youngsters of today won't know?

Where to start?
- How to write (script) legibly
- Mental arithmetic
- History
- Geograhy
- How to carry on an oral conversation face-to-face
- The difference between an adverb and an adjective
- How to shine shoes
- How to iron an item of clothing
- How to sew on a button
- When to take off a hat/cap

Just for starters.
Phew! I'd like to think I can tick 9 of 10 of those boxes. History and geography are not my strong-suit, granted, but I have some grasp of them. As for shining shoes, that's a work-in-progress and wasn't a necessity for me growing up but is now something I want to do. In the same light, I have been told on countless occasion that I dress better than most where I work, including management. I digress, I'd also say a grasp of politics could be one of those checkpoints.

As for taking off hats/caps, same goes for doffing. I often gesture tipping my cap to hearses and funeral cars passing me on the road. I reckon, however, that 90% of my friends don't know why I faux-doff, less the word 'doff'.
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