BSB Shaving Brushes - Introducing my project

Dr Dulcamara
Barcelona, Spain
Friends, thanks a lot. I am thinking in finest two band, and silvertip, fan shape. Loft will be possible at 48 mm and higher. I am fixing some costs now. In a few days i will have an idea of prices. But next batch will be ready about late January. Typing you soon.
If we go ahead, and the forum team agrees, will post on the forum they suggest to me, vendor section, or group buys. If i can manage some type of discount for you, will do.
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Dr Dulcamara said:
Friends, I want to introduce a personal project that began in November 2013 and after a year, in November of 2014 has seen the light thanks to five friends. You know that I really like this type of brush handles. Barber brushes. Just over a year now showing my purchases of old brushes and my restorations. At first many people said they were very long. But now I see that more and more people are in love with barber brushes. I like it.

So I show these brushes that have been the result of my desire, and lots of money.

The whole process, from concept, design, to production, is made in Barcelona, Spain, Europe, with love and passion. I am this way

I am managing to make a list of interested people to next batch in January. Thank you for your support, always is welcome and highly appreciated. And thanks to the forum team, who gave permission.
I believe you may have gone and done it, Good Doctor,

Yep, creating a market for something and then making a better produced one. Offering a knot for that beautiful handle instead of an old Rubberset needing restoration is a great option.
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Re: RE: BSB Shaving Brushes - Introducing my project

BigBoar said:
THE best brush I've ever owned. Seriously guys if you're unsure, don't be. These are superior quality.

These are from a different maker than yours bigboar. Just similar design. They do look lovely though.
Dr Dulcamara your mailbox is full!
just north of Denver
So this is what happens when we get a highly motivated Good Doctor. Taking an already famous popular design and tweaking it in good ways as a homage. Jeeez, I wonder how those long handle designs in general became more desirable...heh.

Great to see the results of a long road. Sounds like more than a few bumps along the way. Once again you have come up with something that many unsuspecting people don't even know they want yet! They will though.

I'm very glad for you my friend,

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