BSB Shaving Brushes - Introducing my project

Barcelona, Spain
Friends, I want to introduce a personal project that began in November 2013 and after a year, in November of 2014 has seen the light thanks to five friends. You know that I really like this type of brush handles. Barber brushes. Just over a year now showing my purchases of old brushes and my restorations. At first many people said they were very long. But now I see that more and more people are in love with barber brushes. I like it. I know how to restore or set a knot in them to make them easy to use even for face lathering, as I do. My restorations gave me this expertise, being able to touch many different barber brushes.

So I show these brushes that have been the result of my desire, and lots of money.

BSB - Barcelona Shaving Brushes

The handle is one piece. The colored O-ring is a cosmetic issue.
Made of aluminum. Polished and finished by hand. Will need a gentle cleaning from time to time, when tarnish, with soft cream or metal polish and a cloth, like all polished metals, and will shine like new.
85 grams aprox. 25 mm hole to install a knot 24 mm.

Please take note that this brush is not an original Rubberset 400. Its value is different. It is lovely too, but humbly I have to say that's not an original old brush. I tried to respect it, although there are some subtle differences.
One is that it is a one piece brush.
Another, the colored O-ring, that the original one does not carry.
And the weight. This is heavier, to give it more stability when standing, wet and full of lather.

My personal expertise in restoring the finest barber brushes in the world, has helped me to make my re-interpretation of this model that I love and is not in production. But now everyone can have a BSB. In modern aluminum, no casting bubbles, no high lead content. Machined on a CNC lathe, after many prototypes destroyed, following my personal indications, in a semi-traditional way, with several machines involved. Polished and finished by hand by an expert polisher. Washed and gently hand polished with a cotton cloth and soft metal polish cream by myself. Packaged by me, with cotton gloves so as not mark it with my fingerprints. It's probably better quality than the old Rubberset, but again I have to humbly say that its value is different. Has value, but in other way. Make no mistake.

The whole process, from concept, design, to production, is made in Barcelona, Spain, Europe, with love and passion. I am this way. Quality is European, and the costs also. This handle requires many machining operations, and is finished one by one by hand.

Now I put a photo of one of the knots that I have set at 49.8 mm. It is a delight. Gel-tips, cotton ball when wet.

Nothing's in the BSB is by chance. The weight has not come by chance. It has been sought to weigh that. About 85 grams. Industrial engraving of letters instead of lasers, is not by chance. It was intended. An austere engraving.
The color and thickness of the rubber is not by chance, if you see my avatar. Neither the background color of the cards. The cards are the color of the flower Solanum Dulcamara, yellow and purple. And the lighting in the center of the photo, that radiant yellow is the sun of Spain. I'm a romantic, I know.
This project lasted a year and has been time to think very hard.

Brush in titanium is in process, just FYI.

I am managing to make a list of interested people to next batch in January. Thank you for your support, always is welcome and highly appreciated. And thanks to the forum team, who gave permission.
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