Brush handles only

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Work in progress

re finish Soaked in raw linsseed oil, turned rather dark but hopefully also impregnated so water will be no problem, still needs coats of boiled linsseed oil and maybe wax.

re loft Tested different heights and for this 30mm or maybe 32mm knot my favourite is a loft of 58mm, lower and knot gets too dense hogging lather, also works with my OCD :) loft 58mm equals handle height 58mm
It looks fab, well done. P.
soap: TFS Crazy Sandalwood FORTE
brush: 32mm Finest 2-band from Vigshaving, very dense, soft tips, good backbone, w DIY 8-sided handle in Bubinga
razor: Kai Captain w Feather Pro blade

Finally. Testing shaving with my DIY effort. Nice! Well, this will not be my daily beater because brush is just too big. Still a joy to use, brings a smile to my face, massive soft pillow of lather. Saving it for special occasions.

(took a while to get the handle ready. lesson learned: be patient, do not start buffing before finish is properly cured because grain filler will be lost in the process. next time maybe mix linseed oil and shellac and ethanol to a shine-oil that will be stickier and faster curing mixed with sanding dust trying to fill the open grain of Bubinga)
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Got two boars dreaming of new handles: 27mm and 24mm. Might try a straight octagonal handle for the 24mm (black plastic container asking for a 27,5mm hole in handle) but for the 27mm maybe a Thaterish octagonal handle with waist (31,5mm hole in handle) or send the old handle to a friend with a lathe asking for a copy in Bubinga :)
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With your creative thinking hats on, what kind of easily available objects could be used as handles? Thinking of somewhere between 24mm and 30mm knot size. Looked at egg cups but they're usually over 40mm diameter. Then there's acrylic tube - maybe something there. Or some plastic containers (for what?). Don't have a lathe, so need to improvise here. I'm tempted to buy a nice Chinese knot, like 2 band silvertip, so need a DIY handle!