Broadband providers, service & speeds

Post dial-up, have always been on cable here. Originally Cable & Wireless, then became Virgin. Had a few minor blips along the way, but its generally been very good. Currently average 200mbps here and its generally 180 - 230 range.

I work in IT and support a mix of private clients and small business. The service you get nowadays is largely down to the quality of phone network in your area, unless you have had infrastructure upgrades to fibre or semi-fibre.

In terms of human service from providers, I hear good things about Zen and PlusNet and also Utility Warehouse. Trickiest one to deal with is Talk Talk because of the *!?**!!! account level filtering they apply by default, which causes all sorts of connectivity problems unless you login and disable it.

Fyi, if you want to measure your broadband speed, open a web browser and use the address
Thanks for the replies everyone. Appreciated.

I was on the verge joining Plusnet when Virgin made an offer I couldnt refuse. Instead of going up by £15 - offered a £1 increase on an 18 month contract. Works for use, as the 100mb service seems excellent.
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I'm out in the wilds and run two systems one is over BT copper supplied by Zen and an EE 4g service. The former is basically a backup system and it never gets more tham 2mb but fine for business use. I've been with Zen just over 20 years and wouldnt consider moving. They seem very good at kicking BT's arse when theres a problem, tech support is excellent and rarely wait long if I ring them even with their Covid problems.
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