Bluetooth ceiling speakers

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Hello everyone,

I regularly spend about half an hour in the bathroom getting ready in the morning and getting my shave on. Seems like a long time, but if you enjoy something why rush.

I can't seem to do this without some kind of audio accompaniment and this usually comes in the form of podcasts on my phone and a portable Bluetooth speaker on the shelf.

However I'm getting a bit tired of having to switch the thing on waiting for it to pair then playing the podcast. Also I need to charge the bluetooth speaker every now and then and it usually dies half way through my shave.

So I'm thinking about installing a pair of ceiling bluetooth speaks, mains powered off the bathroom light circuit. I've seen a pair which need a 74mm diameter cutout (same as standard down-lighters). I've no problem with the electrics or installation but was wondering if anyone else has done this and can make any recommendations.

I'm not looking to spend a lot (sub £100) and audio quality and volume are not paramount as it's a small bathroom and I'll be listening to mostly conversation as opposed to music. I also listen to local radio on a portable DAB set but I guess I could also use my phone for that via internet radio.

Anyone done this? Any thoughts?
I've thought about ceiling speakers for years, I can't do anything without accompanying background music, or more recently radio 4 and podcasts. In the end I settled on an alexa speaker just outside the door. I can ask it to change radio station or skip a track without having to touch a device with wet or soapy hands.
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