Blade Overhang - Is it important?

Does blade overhang bother you?

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North London
Watching a few YouTubers review razors I notice many of them talk about blade overhang at the ends of the top cap. It's never been a consideration for me, in fact the only razor I had without overhang was more cumbersome (due to other reasons as well). With them mentioning it, do you guys find the overhang bothers you. I've never cut my nose on the side on the blade where it comes out the side. I often wonder if because the first youtuber that mentioned therefore the rest follow their lead.

Interested in your thoughts and opinions.
I can't say the ole schnoz is that big, but I used to ding it often enough when I tried to clean up around the proboscous, not to mention the ears. In fact, when the Gillette Good News came out, I put my DE razors in hibernation.

When the aforementioned GN became hard to locate, I pulled my trusty DE out of the vault. Nice shave, but those .004 in thick tabs at the ends were still pretty wicked. But, alas, salvation was at hand! Most of the new DE razor manufacturers have the good grace to cover the tabs.

Razorocks products align the blade precisely, tabs are covered, and all is well in Mudville!


Does me. Without being clumsy etc I don't know how many times I have caught my ear or nose with a DE where the blade protrudes. I can't say I've ever had to align a blade and if a razor is made accurately and with good tolerances then it shouldn't be an issue.

Then again I am almost completely SE now so not a problem.
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