Bigger bottles

How would you get on with the AS Lotion in a tub? I can see it working with the balm but then you have the hygiene issue with dipping fingers in a tub. The pump bottle is the best solution because it works with both of your products, if it was just lotion I would suggest a spray head but that just complicates thing's having two different types of dispenser .
Your current system works well and I think It's a good size considering all of the scent's you offer.
You're the boss though, what do you think? P.
Yes if I was going down the tub route it would only be for the balms but then you are getting into having lots of different packaging.

I do think the pumps work well though and as blademonkey says if it ain’t broke.. which ironically is nigh on impossible to do with these bottles (touch wood :)
Why not just sell refills in big generic plastic bottles? The buyer will pour in his empty 60ml doser when in need and keep the big bottle in a cupboard out of sight.

Proraso does the same thing with those 500ml IV bags and 400ml AS. Same thing with liquid soap.
I like the idea of an option to have refill bottles in larger sizes.

I do not think the tub is a good idea. As others have said, the pump head works really well and delivers a measured dose too. It remains to see how easy it is to get the last bit out at the end of the bottle. Have not got to that stage yet. :)
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