Best pre-shave

What are peoples opinions on what is the best pre-shave?

I use proraso pre-shave cream and really enjoy it. But if there is something that is far better out there I would love to hear peoples opinions. I used to use pre-shave oils a lot but they're too messy and I find they clog the razor.
Totally agree! I’ve used Nuage shave oil but it’s nowhere near as good as the Proraso.

The BBA shave oil is worth a try though - I found that good too! [emoji1360]
I always apply a hot flannel, the preshave, let it soak, then apply a hot flannel until the preshave is removed. That way the oily preshave oils do not affect the razor.

Having said that, Proraso is still my favourite.

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Go to be Proraso for me - I like white the best but King of Shaves Oil is ok too - I have some Somersets Shaving Oil but I haven't tried that yet - anyone have an opinion on that?
I have almost exclusively used the classic green Proraso pre shave so far. I have yet to try the white one, of which I have heard positive things, and I have another classic yet to prove (Prep). However, if I have to say which pre-shave is, IMHO, the best, I would say Geo F. Trumper Skin Food (I've used the Lime ones which idk if still in production, but I suppose that the coral and the sandal would be the same, just with different scent).
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When I use a pre-shave it's mainly Proraso Sandalwood. I find the mentholated one overpowers the scent of the shave soap. The white one is good but I prefer the warmth of the sandalwood.
I also like Argan oil - it soaks into your skin very easily and doesn't seem to affect the lather.
Other than that you could try Noxzema cleansing cream. It's a bit pongy though.
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