Bespoke Leather Watch Straps

I have c/o a lot of research over many years concerning the above. I have three watches: Rotary Gold Plate Tank (manual) 1978; Rotary Silver Tank (quatz) and Garrard Gold (manual) 1964. I need Watch Straps for them all: 22mm Hirsch Lizzard (black) usually £39; 19mm Hirsch Lizzard (black) usually £39.00 and 18mm Open End Hirsch Genuine Croc (brown) usually £99. Now here comes the rub; I need them 80mm long buckle side and 230mm long on non buckle side (o/a length 230mm). I was originally quoted £350 per strap by In-Time Watch Services; BAFO £325 per strap. I have not seen anywhere else the quality of the leather or the workmanship that Hirsch offer; most bespoke strap makers use fairly chunky leather with noticable stitch work, which I personally dislike. I am not oppossed to paying £975 for three watch straps per se, but has anyone got any other suggestions, ideas or advice.
Thank you, kind regards
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