Below the nose.

Hi, I can DE shave 99% of my face with no cuts, most of the time, but I always have a problem directly below my nose! Any tips to avoid cutting the area while getting the hairs there shaved?
Razors with thinner heads certainly work better there. I have been known to "cheat" with a single blade disposable sometimes for that very spot when I need a perfect shave. However, the Gillette Tech usually suffices. Lift up one side of your nose while shaving under it and at the same time open your mouth while lowering your jaw for a better approach angle.
Moving my nose to one side with my free hand while shaving the other side works for me. You can also get hard to reach whiskers by shaving from one side to the other, rather than straight up or down. Another option is to use a razor with a very slim head from front to back, like a vintage injector or some of the modern AC models.
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