Bart's Balm

I was sent two Bart's Balm samples free of charge, not for the purpose of a review but to entice me to part with my hard earned cash! I haven't done a review before so thought why not!

I was sent Lime Oil and Lavender Oil.

The Lime Oil has a really nice fresh smell that I liked a lot. The Lavender is fine. I didn't dislike it. The scent doesn't stay long which is how I like it.

Both just feel really good quality. They are non greasy and the skin absorbs them fast. I can't say whether they soothe any better than any other balm that I have used because I used them after really good shaves with minimal irritation and redness. What I can say is that my skin felt really good and well moisturized after using them and this feeling lasted all day. I wish I had a couple of other samples and maybe an aftershave lotion sample but that's me just being greedy.
Having checked the website, the Bart products are well priced and I think the sample boxes are a great idea.

Will I part with my money...Yes I will :)
I had the samples too, I found them to be a excellent product, I think Barts will be my go to balm when my new one is finished...really pleased with the balm and it is a quality product... Get a sample or just buy won't be disappointed.

Thanks Bob

Glad you enjoyed them.