Bart’s Balm After Shave Balm Review

Been a few days using Barts Balm after Shave Balm what can I say it’s very slick on my skin after a shave I’m using the peppermint oil very cooling just the right one for the hot days we are getting in the UK.

I’m not just using it after my shaves I’m using it as an daily face moisturiser cream it’s very good makes my skin so smooth, hydrated non greasy Argan oil is the key ingredient to a healthy skin has top quality ingredients to compliment the Argan oil working as an Balm.

When I put on the Balm daily on my non shave days and as on when I shave I find it’s last so long that when I touch my face it’s still smooth the very next day just before I wash my face using my Foaming Face wash after I washed my face I just apply two to three pumps of the balm.

The bottle size is just perfect it’s very good for travelling too.

I really had to post a review about the balm. the balm is so good that I will not use any other balms it’s always has to be Barts Balm.

Use what works for you best.

Keep up the hard work @BartsBalm you have nailed it.