Aw staniforth Cardiff razor.

Hi guys while browsing the bay a couple of weeks back I noticed a razor stamped aw staniforth Cutler cardiff on the kneck.
So I bought it. I have a razor stamped ben Evan's and co swansea on the blade stamped sprock on the kneck. Another stamped a johnson aberystwyth on the blade and kropp on the kneck. Both indicating the agent. The staniforth mark is where I expect the makers stamp.
I sanded and polished it re set the bevel and finished on llyn mellyn slate for luck. Left some Mark's on blade as not sure how far to strip it back
Nice shave.
Anyone know any thing about staniforth Please? Was this one made in wales?15751221201775664748841311480684.jpg15751221201775664748841311480684.jpg15751222002755258081760044987573.jpg
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