Assistance please! Glue advice

Dear fellow shavers,

I have a a very nasty old brush with a wooden handle that has now fallen apart. However, it used no belong to my father, now exited this mortal coil. It is one of the few personal items I have from him and I have been using it as my travel brush. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to my departed father to try and restore it. I will order a knot from China and work on the handle with some high quality yacht varnish.

My question is this: what glue do the regular restorers recommend in this context, please. I would hate for the thing to fall apart because I made an obvious error and used the wrong glue.

Depending on the outcome of the mini-project I will post the results. Thank you in advance.

Two part epoxy is what you want - any model shop, B&Q, online. After mixing thoroughly, smear it around the inside of the knot hole/nest just enough to cover the wood surface very thinly. Put a small blob in the centre of the bottom of the hole and then carefully slide the knot in. You might want to wrap the knot hair above the base in masking tape in case your blob is too big - you have to judge that according to the clearance between the knot and the nest side. You do NOT want an over-flow but you do need enough. Make sure the knot is all the way home - a dry run will tell you how deep this is. Once the knot is set, put the brush aside in a safe place and DO NOT touch for 24 hours.

Enjoy your father's brush.
The beautiful Test Valley
That is really helpful, gentlemen, @Bechet, @mbnu54 and @Mikeyj1973, thank you so much. I have made no progress yet because the Post Office returned the knot all the way back to China and it has not reappeared since even though the people got in touch to arrange resending. I will use the glue in the mean time on a different brush where the knot and base are coming apart.

Again thank you for the solid advice, most helpful.

Have a great weekend,

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