Ariana & Evans L'Orange Verte

I decided to give in & see what all the hubbub was about regarding this soap and boy am I glad I did!! From the description:

...L'Orange Verte is a soft (not weak), sophisticated, clean and complex citrus forward scent with some earthiness to it. I added two different types of orange notes, as well as lemon and bergamot. The black pepper gives it a nice twist & dimension, as does the lavender note. The oakmoss base is warm and inviting...
I have never smelled an orange scent like this, so rich, lush, deep & spicy. To top it off the soap is simply top shelf all the way. Glide, cushion & post shave feel. The scent actually seems to come alive during lathering and envelops the face like a sort of spicy citrus cocoon. The lather is that perfect thick & creamy yoghurt that comes easily and seems to now be the norm for current top artisan makers.

Even though amongst the top artisans there are finely scribed lines of subtle differences, those lines are becoming almost all blurred as a few artisans really have this figured out and in that regard this soap stands at the forefront. You need this. ;)
Interesting website - VERY into branding and message. Beautiful young people and lots of tattoos. Looks very SoCal. I'm in Europe and I doubt whether they have much presence here.
Awww... well unfortunately it costs me the price of the soap again for shipping so I'm out. Maybe if it takes off I'll see it in the BST one day haha ;)

They aspire to be a cool brand but selling Edwin Jagger razors to me is rather lame, fragrances can of course still be great.
Believe it or not, EJ has a certain cachet for many people. I am not impressed with their Merkur clones, but they do sell and the customer is (almost) always right.
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