Anyone use face scrubs?

I use Dove, Witch witch hazel, and Boots botanics face scrub. My favourite is Dove, it has a mild creamy texture. I did use real Shaving Co face scrub last year but it was very watery. I managed to get two free replacement tubes from Creightons, but they were both watery as well.
I use T Zone Blackhead Fighting facial scrub on my fallow day, as much for the areas not being shaved. It gives the skin a good buff-up and costs the princely sum of £1 for 75ml at Savers
antdad said:
It's completely unnecessary to use a scrub over parts of the face that you're going to shave, the girls like it because it exfoliates whereas you already scrape the dead skin off with a blade a few times a week.
Antdad makes a valid point. Must admit I do use a face scrub once a week though, I find it useful for tidying up dry skin around the nose and forehead. I usually use Elemis for Men if I'm at home, or Nivea if away.
I use St Ives apricot scrub every other day. If I don't use it I get razor bumps or ingrown hairs. It's a great product, the only staple of my shaving ritual. I wouldn't mind changing my razor, brushes or soaps but I will always keep St Ives scrub (and Persona Lab Blues). It's only £3ish as well
Bit of 3P pre-shave on the stubble before the shower
Hot shower, leave the 3P for a few mins in the steam
Bulldog scrub, wash the face in the shower
Then out and shave

Fandabbydozy... no lie.
A couple of people have mentioned the Elemis scrub, and since I'm nearing the end of my Bulldog tube I'm tempted to try a different brand. £26.50 for 75ml though, strewth! Is it worth the money?!
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