Anyone own a Seiko 5?

@Luka you can get these movements for the 5 for about 40 quid. Probably cheaper than an overhaul. Buy one online and get a watchmaker to swap it over. If the case and glass has taken a battering.

@Eeyore68 and @tuxxdk that is 20-25 Euro on top of the VAT? That is outrageous. Some are helpful. When I bought a straight razor from Larry at Whipped Dog he undervalued the item and labelled it "tonsorial supplies" so it arrived without charge. A lot of US vendors get assy over this and often refuse international business anyway so I seldom buy from America.
Hi matteob thanks for the info but I think if I have to change so many parts it will end up like triggers brush.
Won't be buying another Citizen that's for sure. My Ecodrive is 15 years old but in nice nick bar a few scrapes (been around the world with me). I sent it to their service centre as it wouldn't hold a charge. They informed me that it is an obsolete model and they will be returning it untouched. Glad I bought the Seiko. Will stick to my 5 and a Lorus Quartz. Will definitely not touch another ecodrive. A sad indictment of today's throwaway society. I have an Eterna WW2 army and a Bulova watch of my grandfathers and both have been kept going by watchmakers. I also sent in my 20 year old Victorinox Climber to the UK suppliers asking them to fit new blades and offering to pay. They confirmed it is being sent to Switzerland for a full overhaul and I will not have to pay a penny. So can be cheered that at least one company likes to keep its old products going. For a £25 knife that is astonishing. Harder than ever to keep modern products long term so glad the 5 has a reputation for ruggedness.
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