Any blades you won't buy again?

The blades you've mentioned (with the exception of Astra SP) aren't particularly well regarded anyway. Do you have the likes of Gillette Nacet or Gillette Silver Blue in your sampler? Polsilver SI are good too but aren't generally found in sampler packs.
None of those tried yet but are on my list of ones to order based on recommendations. I can then make up my own variety pack.
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I didn't buy them outright, as they came with the 6S razor, but I find the Rockwell Swedish Steel blades in the black wrappers completely unusable. Blunt and draggy in every razor I've tried them in.

I threw out the Rockwell blade and replaced it with a Supermax Blue Diamond I found in the bathroom cabinet. I wish I hadn't, as, if anything, it was worse than the Rockwell. If I draw blood more than every 3 months or so, I know something ain't right. I seem to have drawn buckets with these two in the space of a week.
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I didn't buy them (was gifted a couple of packs) but Rockwell blades. If feeling particularly unkind I would say they are as good as the Rockwell razors, that is to say terrible... But will make do with saying they are up there in my top 3 worst blades ever used along with Derby & Big Ben.
I think I’m done with Gillette 7 o’clock yellows. Not tried one for a while and just remembered why. Thought I’d try it in the iKon OC this morning.

Frustrating as felt fine during use but leaves my face very red and it takes ages for it to calm down. A very close shave but not worth it to look like I’ve ran a cheese grater over my face for a few hours afterwards. I’ve read that these are only slightly less sharp than Feathers but supposedly smoother. I’m not a fan anyway
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