Any blades you won't buy again?

Think I’ll end up adding Astra SP to this list. Although I started off using it, since trialling other blades and then going back to it, today on my non-shaving day my face has been ridiculously itchy for most of the day. I’ve been resisting the urge to scratch it, as the last thing I need is a red raw face, but it’s like the feeling won’t go now until my next shave tomorrow. Could this be something to do with the platinum coating?
Feathers - harsh and die quickly. Best I've had out of a Feather was two decent shaves and it was unusable on the third. Some have been terrible straight out of the packet.

Wilkinson Sword - worst blade I've ever tried bar none, it was like trying to shave with a rusty tin lid. Godawful and I needed a day or two for my face to recover.
I think I’d get a closer shave by smashing a raw egg on my face and hoping bits of the shell scraped past my stubble. It’s worth a go. Better than standing there, slapping on lather repeatedly, frantically chiseling away in vain, razor in one hand and a curious look on my face as my fingers rub over my cheeks in search of smoothly shaved skin.
Just read through the whole thread. That post (about Derby blades) is one of the funniest things I've read on any forum ever. :D

7 O'Clock Yellow and Black. Neither suited me for whatever reason. Gave me an uncomfortable shave with uncomfortable results.
I'm with you there on the 7 O'clock Yellows. Proper Freddy Krueger face after using those. Not tried the Blacks.
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