Any bikers?


As in motor, not pedally. Into my comfy bikes these days (BMW 1200GSA).
Off the road for the winter at the moment, roll on Spring!
Not any more unfortunately but I was riding from the early 80s up untill a few years ago but had to give up due to health reasons.
I had all sorts of bikes from ratty Honda CB 200s to my last bike a 1976 Kawasaki Z650 which was in pristine condition and was my pride and joy. The bikes that gave me the most smiles per mile were my Honda CB 400 fours, I had a couple of them, I liked them that much!
Ride safe :) P.
I have a Suzuki SFV650. Bought it almost 9 years ago when I moved to wales. I did take a liking to a V-Strom last year....but the trade in was so low......I decided to keep it. I ride regularly and will keep it as long as I have my health. My ambition is to come out of the house some morning.......point the bike North....and just keep riding!
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