Another cheap Chinese FP: the Wing Sung 3008 piston

Oviedo, Spain
After waiting for five weeks, the Chinese piston fountain pen I ordered from E(vil)bay finally arrived: the Wing Sung 3008. Its body is supposed to be inspired by the TWSBI 580 fountain pen and the nib from Lamy's. I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this FP that writes smoothly straight out of the box. The plastic might seem somewhat cheap and not very durable, but all the pieces hold and fit together quite well, and will last as long as it's being taken care. The value for money is incredible (less than £2 shipped from HK). It has a screw cap and the piston filler has some kind of mechanism that clicks when locked.

That's a Chinese Speedmaster, right? Looks just like the real thing. Amazing.
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
I wonder if an EF Jinhao is actually EF... I ordered a F Jinhao 599 (mk1 - the metal one) from AliExpress. Arrived in something like 16 days without issue and unfortunately writes like a M which just doesn't suit my writing...back to the Faber Castell Loom + Bock EF nib combo...
I got one with two nibs - Fine and Extra Fine. Like you, I find the Fine to be more akin to a Medium. The EF is akin to a Parker Fine.
I found packs of 10 Hero 007 FPs recently on Ebay for under a tenner shipped. The nib is vaguely similar in looks to a Parker 51. There was one bad pen in the pack (leaky), but for a quid each they are a total bargain. A couple needed a bit of smoothing on some 3M micromesh but they write really well.
Ok, so I'm gonna go with Cultpen, their prices seems acceptable (wirebound 5x5 A5 Rhodia notepad) and some Diamine inks (made in Livepool) on the top to get the free shipping. As for the Diamine inks, I'll take the blue-black (I was hesitating with Jetblack and Quartz black) one and sunshine yellow (bright orange colour). I started with Parker Quink so they might be an upgrade.
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