Almost about to Give up

My best shaving experience for years was with a Gillette Sensor cartridge razor. I used this combined with Gillette Sensitive Shaving Gel. Found it absolutely brilliant. I need to shave every day. However as we are probably all aware, Gillette have in their wisdom stopped producing the Sensor blades (only the Gillette Sensor Excel, which in my opinion on where near as good).
Anyway, took the plunge and went for a Muhle 89 Twist Open Combe. Have also combined with Proraso, pre-shave (sensitive) and Proraso Shaving Soap (in the white plastic bowl) also sensitive. First used 10Nr Muhle Blades (cut up); then Persona (cut up so badly, had to stop using); now onto Feather (cut up again). I have read a lot on: shaving angle (30°) and warming/wetting the brush beforehand and having a shower before shaving, but all to no avail. I'm just wondering if this method of shaving is just not for me. I have now been using the DE for probably 17 weeks, so I think I've given it a fair crack.
Any views or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe got a too aggressive razor to start with...and feather blades are known to be one of the sharpest...I would take it down a bit and try a mild razor with a mild gillette bluetip could not cut me if I tried :) , there are many mild razors out there and many more mild blades.
Do you know your face?
Do that ^^^ and make sure to shave With The Grain (WTG) first.
Everywhere. No shortcuts like half my face does this and half my face does that.
Get to know your face in detail.
Try a middle-of-the-road-offends-nobody blade like Astra.
But as you are cutting yourself the most likely culprit is pressure.
At all.
Once you think you use no pressure - use less pressure.
Imagine your only job is to remove the lather.
Then do one pass WTG. Stop and enjoy.
Take it from there.
i'm new to this game too. Thinking about it DE shaving for as long as you. My experiences have been more enjoyable than yours. I have tried the Feather and can say it is sharp. And from my limited knowledge open comb razors are known as one of the more aggresive bits of kit.
My suggestion get the cheap £5 yellow bubble pack Wilkinson classic , known to be mild, from larger Boots shops and fit with Astra green blade. The razor is known to be mild and the blade usually appears in shavers top 10 blades videos for being smooth. £8 max, worth it for one more go. I have tried 5 blades so far and the Astra is my favourite. Awra best
Its about beard reduction with each pass, might take you three passes to achieve a really good shave. Use as little pressure as possible. I just spent my first six weeks with a Gillette Tech before progressing onto something more efficient. The Tech is a very mild razor and lets you make mistakes without to much punishment. I found personnas bad on my first try but as my technique improved I like them.
Thank you all for the advice. I notice that when I go to India and get the cut throat treatment, the barbar there uses very little pressure, so that probably is the answer (long way to go for a shave though!). My only issue is that I do not at the moment have time fore more than one pass and I need to shave every day. I will leave it until the cuts properly heal up, because I think the cuts are just re-opening when I shave, and then give it another go.
Anyone also got any views on the old Gillette Sensor (cartridge) blades?
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