aldi/ lidl single malt

Great question, and I will follow your thread closely as I'm interested too. Read an article, and I cant find it right now - that the Aldi Speyside won an award for whisky of the year. Saw it this morning for £17.99.
Keep an eye on their website, they do have some really great ones that come up. Occasionally they will make the national papers when one wins an award however these then get snapped up quickly.
has anyone got an opinion on these? i seem to be developing a taste for whisky, but decent whisky isnt cheap. are the aldi and lidl single malts worth considering, or are they a case of getting what you pay for?
Dont have a Lidl nearby - if Aldi have some of the Speyside in stock this weekend, will buy a bottle.
british west hartlepool
Hello, did you ever try one of these whiskies?
yes :) i tried the lidl highland single malt and it wasnt too bad, only thing was i had pretty bad heart burn later on in the evening and it put me off a bit. the heart burn may have been down to something else entirely and ive beeen meaning to revisit them. mrs isaiahs dad really enjoys the aldi speyside.
the most enjoyable supermarket own brand i tried was the coop 12 year old highland single malt, a couple of quid more expensive than the aldi/lidl ones, but was very decent.
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