Age of this forum

Just look at the introduction forum, or one of the original members like the twentieth member....

I posted a happy birthday thread in 2018.
The early pages in the welcome forum makes interesting reading. The help section from the early days is a good read. Gives an insight into how the early website/forum developed!

Quite a few people have stopped visiting - including some who I remember back in 2014 when I joined. However, great to see many of the founders still here. Personally, I like the provenance of that & appreciate all the effort that folk have put in to ensure TSR continues.

Out if interest @Sabre - how did you check the member numbers?
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It is indeed, there was a cull on B&B. Boab then started this, assisted by HM, I believe. I was more active then, but as I have a stash that will outlast me..........
PS True fact, I was family friend of Boabs and we never even knew it.........hate him now obviously ;)
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