Accelerated shedding

Sunday January 28, 2018
Hiya. I bought a Best Badger from Frank Shaving back in March. At first it would shed a hair every couple of uses, which I wasn't too concerned about, but lately it's started losing a couple with every use.

Is that just how it goes with badger - once they start falling out there's less holding the rest in? Is there something that I might have done or not done that might have caused this to happen?

Thursday March 17, 2016
West Sussex, UK
It can be just luck of the draw, my worst shedders have been from Simpsons and Thater so its not always down to price!

The standard advice from Simpsons is to give the brush a wash using your own shampoo and conditioner then give the knot a comb through and see if it still sheds on the next few uses... If so I would consider it faulty and get in touch with the vendor.
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