A Present --- from me to.........ME!!

Hey guys - I am having some building work done at home which means I am currently renting to allow the builders to get on with it.

To celebrate my return in Dec/Jan I am going to treat myself to a special razor up to about £200. I fancy the Feather AS-DS2 or the ATT Atlas R1. But are there any others that should be on my list of possibles??

Now guys can you help me pick my treat? No constraints except the price!!

I look forward to the debate and the advice!

Cheers guys!
I like the ida of giving presents to oneself - I do it all the time :D

I have tried both, and both are fantastic razors. For me, the ATT is more aggressive than the Feather, but of course YMMV. In the end, I did not stick with either, as I favor US-based brands. In fact, if you're not limited to just these two, there are many more high end DE's available for the money, such as:

- Pils 101NE
- Timeless Ti, Stainless Steel or Bronze
- Blackland Blackbird
- Tatara Masamune
- Asylum Evolution

just to name some that come to my mind. Or just add some 50 bucks and go for the Raw RS10
"And now for something completely different....... nobody expects the ATT SE1 Single Edge razor!"

If you really want a statement kind of new razor, think about trying SE. I've been reading all about SE razors and the SE1 comes out of all the reviews as "perfect". The blades it uses are called Artist Club. Choice is Feather Professional blades, or the preferred Schick Proline P-30 which you buy from Rakuten at £7.20 for 30. People usually order 2 or 3 packets and you need to specify "Small Packet" for shipping, which is cheaper. There's a SS and an Aluminium version of the SE1, and from what I read the aluminium head is the one to have. It takes any M5 thread handle, so you can play around with the weight and feel. Shave Lounge has these - Anthony is always very helpful.

There has been a recent resurgence in Artist Club (AC) SE razors. Blackland is another top tier artisan coming out with a version (Vector), and Ikon already have the El Jefe/MR SE. There are others like Mongoose, Razorock and Colonial General. But the ATT SE1 is the one that gets all the votes.
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