A Peerless For Pennies

A wee while back I bought a Two-Tix male grooming set off eBay for £8. It came with an Ever Ready 1912 and as I had recently broke one of the holding teeth on my 1912 it was good to get. The handle is aluminium so way lighter than what I'm used to. It is a beautiful razor though and from what I can see rarely used if at all. I'm told it's a "Peerless" which is a heady claim, so I thought I'd give it a go and see if it lived up to it's boast. I've been dying to try out the Proraso Sensitive soap for a while so whipped that up with my trusty Yaqi. Full face wash with Loreal charcoal face wash and a Gem blade in the Peerless. The sensitive skin Proraso lathered up just as well as the green but it seemed less creamy on application. That may well have been my hamfistedness so I'm keen to give it another go. Once on my coupon it did have a nice slick feel. First pass was a little frustrating. Totally different technique with the aluminium. It' so much lighter than it's predecessor so you have to apply a little pressure to feel it's biting. With the cast 1912's the weight does it for you. It's just as audiophonic though. Second pass was better but I never really enjoy shaving across the grain. Against on the third and I managed to clean up most of my short comings of the previous passes. As usual with the 1912 I struggle with my top lip and especially directly under my nose. It annoys the bejesus out me. But eventually I managed to get a reasonable result. The splash I chose to finish was recommended to me by Boycie83 and I have to say I was mightyily impressed. Superdrug's own Sierran Breeze Lotion is absolutely lovely and a total bargain at £2.50. If you'll part with £4 they'll through in a bottle of Forest Fresh as well. It's well worth the money for the fresh feeling it gives your skin, but the scent is what impressed me. My Mrs never comments on the lotions I use but she she did with this one. High praise indeed! So to round up. The light weight 1912 will take a bit of getting used to but the shave I gave myself was pretty encouraging. The Proraso as always was lovely and to be fair I did notice I had less rudiness on my cheeks post shave. I tend to get that for around half an hour after shaving. The Sierran Breeze splash is a real find. I can see this becoming a firm favourite so thank you Boycie83 for the heads up. Long Live The Room :cool:


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