A lurker emerges!

Good evening chaps!

Having lurked around both here and B&B for 6 months, I thought it about time I showed my digitally shaved face. I've always enjoyed shaving and have taken care of my face with balms for many years but continued to use cartridge razors and canned gel. After considering DE shaving for a few years, I finally took the plunge at Christmas and have been journaling my shaves since. My initial plan was to upload my journal to here but I doubt anyone really wants to read 4 months of my shave escapades back-to-back!

My initial entry in to the realm of true shaving came in the form of the Merkur 34C, a blade sample pack, the Omega Proraso brush, and Proraso sandalwood shaving cream. Despite the initial trepidation, I was hooked. There was also a significant decrease in skin irritation. As per my previous hobbies, sever acquisition disorders took hold and I now have: 20 DE razors (vintage through to new), 18 creams and soaps, 10 brushes and 1500 razor blades. This should keep me ticking over for some time. I plan to upload my past and future experiences in the review areas and will post future shaves to SOTD (I'm an every-other-day shaver).

So, hello and thank you for all the advice and guidance you've posted and I look forward to being a more active member of this community!

Welcome Boycie.