A Danitrio Takumi Chinkin


Deep South Texas
山の鳥 来てさわぎゐる 桜かな

Yama no tori kite sawagi wiru sakura ka na

Haiku by Yamaguichi Seison

Bird of the Mountain
it arrived and it disturbed
the cherry blossom

This is a Danitrio Takumi size fountain pen based on the haiku seen above. The pen is the work of Katsuhiro (Katsuhiro Nishi) and is done using the Chinkin techniques as practiced in Wajima City. Chinkin begins like most urushi and maki-e art with building the base layers but then the design pattern is placed using urushi. The pattern is then hand chiseled using a variety of different size and style points, then the incised lines are filled with finely ground powders of different colors and a final clear urushi top coat applied.

The haiku is also incised as three lines, written vertically and reading from right to left.

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