A cup of tea...

Currently drinking DJ Miles, as finally our new catering sized bag arrived! We ran into this tea whilst on last years holiday in Exmoor as in many tea rooms this was what they served.

Liked it so much when we got home we ordered a box, and when that was gone a catering bag, and then another, and another! That's now pretty much our standard tea. Lovely brew!

Thought I'd share :)

What tea do you guys prefer?
Up until around 10 years ago there was a tea and coffee shop called Brewers of Southsea. They sold loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee, and all manner of teapots, coffee percolators (the 'dalek' ones), and tea making accessories. Their best tea was India and Ceylon blend. The shop closed around 2005.

Another tea I liked was Luaka organic tea - brilliant tea from Sri Lanka.

I used to buy tea from Whittards of Chelsea, but the local shop closed last year.

But my main brand is now Ahmad, where you can buy a 500g box of loose leaf tea, either Earl Grey, Cardamom, or Ceylon. I mix a 500g box with 50g of green gunpowder tea, and brew using filtered water from a Brita jug, strain, and serve with soya milk. A box lasts around 2 to 3 months, and costs £3.99.
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