40+ shaves from my Slalom

Just been reading in the flexball thread about people using ways of keeping their blades from dulling off.

Well I done a bit of an experiment last year and thought I should share how I did it.

I was using a gillette slalom blade on a Merkur II handle but I presume this method works on most carts.

After shaving give the cart a really good rinse and dry. Then on a pair of old jeans strop it upwards 10/15 times. After just apply a tiny amount of baby oil to the blades and store somewhere dry not just out in your bathroom.

By stropping the blade on denim you are removing any little debris on the blade. By adding the baby oil and storing it away from your bathroom you are preventing any moisture getting to it and corroding the blade. These are the two main things that degrade the performance of the blades, they don't necessarily go blunt.

As I said I shaved with one blade over 40 times. In fact I could have had many more shaves but basically got fed up with it as I have many other nice razors/blades that I wanted to go back to.

Hope this helps
Cambridgeshire, UK
Good idea. When I was using carts (decades ago), I'd rinse everything off after shaving and swish the razor head in a jar of alcohol to remove all water, then store the razor upside down in a jar of baby oil (blades submerged) until I was ready to shave again. Worked great with Trac/Atra blades as long as they didn't have that stupid lubri-strip.
I never tried stropping the blades though.
Well they sell the razorpit which is basically just a piece of neoprene. Denim works as well. The definite thing though is to keep it moisture free

Have just ordered some original G2s without the lube so may well reconduct this experiment with those.

Didnt think of the alcohol, might pick some up tomorrow
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