Proraso Blue Pre Cream

Plymouth, Devon
Is it the scent that is different from the prorasso pre-white jar?
Yes, along with the ingredient make-up. White still retains its 'sensitive' audience whereas the blue can be considered more 'general purpose'. The blue variant of the Proraso range is their 'modern' addition. The white pre-shave has a citrussy smell to it and maybe a tiny bit of menthol (to my uneducated nose) whereas the blue is more of a cologne smell. I've heard the scent of the blue described as having liquorice in it (which is listed in the ingredients) and I can get behind that description - not that it smells like a bag of liquorice!

I personally only use the four Proraso pre-shaves in my routine and whilst the blue is probably my favourite in terms of scent, I wouldn't say it's the best performer of the four.
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