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I have had the Sea Master for years and the only time I take it of is to replace the battery.
I worked and lived in the tropics for 20yrs as a charter yacht captain and this watch and I went through 3 major hurricanes, the worst being hurricane Louis in 1995. There were 1200 yachts taking refuge in the lagoon in st martin, after the hurricane passed I was one of fifty boats still floating. We survived.

The second watch I have just bought for my daughter, it has a pearl face and to me, looks very elegant, View attachment 31227 View attachment 31228 I hope she likes it..

I'll bet there's some tales you could tell...!
Gents, I highly appreciate your kind words and you should well know that for this and few more reasons, TSR holds a special place in my heart. Current times are rather turbulent for me, though.

However.... Once the wind starts blowing strongly and smoothly beneath my wings again I plan to step up the game even more...

Coming back to watches, I'll say a few words on the acquisition madness which intensified at the end of 2013.

From 4 steel Rolexes, a Calibre de Cartier and an IWC Da Vinci Chrono Flyback, I moved up to a brand new gray market AP ROC 41mm black dial (full set of course). Flipped that 6 months later and got a brand new Patek 5712/1A (Nautilus).

A further 6 months down the line I buy my second Patek, a YG Calatrava 5196J from the same dealer (The Hour Glass, Singapore). Repeated PP client, your name is now in the PP archive in Geneva, the discount you get goes up, the silly addiction grows.

By then all the Rolexes but one are gone. The one remaining was PIFed to my sister (two-tone Daytona, blue/gold Arabic dial) after I engraved its solid case back in memory of her 10 1/2 yr old son who we so suddenly and tragically lost in September 2013 and who also was my Godson and happened to carry my name.

A couple of Panerai's were added to the fleet late 2014, with a Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46mm and a nice Baume & Mercier Classima Executive departing. A beautiful JLC Grande Reverso Sun Moon 8d PR handwound in stainless steel was added to the collection, only to be flipped few months later on (another mistake).

We can add a titanium Grand Seiko Spring Drive with PR and nearly a dozen G-Shocks and Eco Drives in the meantime, two of which were the high-profiled Casio MT-G and MR-G (latest highly sought after and rather costly versions...) All the Jap timepieces were purchased during my trips to Japan, and were all flipped by 2015.

The two Pateks followed the same course (I am officially a serial flipper by now, we are in mid-2015) and the just-serviced ALS Datograph together with a minty full RG Rolex Daytona in terrific prices from my pre-owned dealer in Singapore were selected to be the two I would settle for the moment and added to the collection.

So 2016 finds us without the high paying job, the RG Daytona is gone, the ALS has remained.

What will happen when things get back on track?
Words and numbers such as "Patek 5270G", "Richard Mille" and "Tourbillion" come to mind.....
Wow, that is an impressive collection of watches.
You will have to post a wrist shot of the Richard Mille when it comes.
Well... I'm a newbie regarding (automatic) watches... but I'm going to post some pics of mine...

First... a quartz! :D A comfortably small one, my daily Dress watch...

Then, my first automatic one... a nice Seiko Diver, humble but beautiful..

And the Seiko with with a new strap..

And this special one... from a place which is far, far away... In its original shape and after a couple of mods..

Have a good day, gentlemen!
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