Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive Review


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... although for folks that do suffer ingrown hairs, it's a boon. Those disappointed folks should buy the regular Fusion 5. Read the packaging and make your choice. Simple.
except it's not true at all. Men prone to ingrown hairs are not destined to get an inferior shave. For example, just use a DE or a more seriuos multiblade with max 2-3 blades insted this ridicolous monstrosity
That said, echoing my comment directly above: I'd still recommend the Guard for all of the reasons that Gillette have brought this razor to market.
How sturdy is the guard? It looks like a cheap plastic handle that will snap when you try to put a new head on it. Don’t think I’ve seen these on sale but may give them a go sometime.

I stand by what I’ve said already in this topic about the SkinGuard. Massively underwhelmed by it. Loads of stubble left, that’s after 3 passes including some ATG & touchup, after morning shave, felt annoyed all afternoon & needed to shave in the evening.

To me it’s barely of any use at all, in fact I’d probably only use it again as a ‘top up’ shave before bed, but would still need to shave again the next morning.

I’ve just had a few shaves with the Fusion ProGlide Flexball and its way way better. Good prep, brush & cream, 2 passes (North to South & along jawline) & some post care gave an excellent shave. Still need to shave daily with carts, but this is once a day not feeling the need to twice like with the skinguard.

I came to starting DE after feeling irritation & a sore neck from Fusions. BUT I was using canned goo at the time. I agree that Fusions are expensive, but I really think they work well if used alongside good cream/soap etc. I even had a canned goo shave with the Fusion for comparison and it just felt horrible. No wonder I didn’t stick with that before looking to change. Same carts with proper cream? Like chalk and cheese.

I’ve used carts for so much of my life that I think I’ll always gravitate towards them. I’ve learned a lot from the whole process of DE shaving, but it seems that quality creams used with carts really work for my skin
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You won't believe it since skinguard is believed to not cut close but i just bought it yesterday and tried it wit the usual 3 pass shave (WTG/XTG/ATG) using a omega brush and a red proraso. Well, the feeling is incredible, it seems it's not cutting at all , instead it does. Of course due to the nature of the blades (only 2 blades, the guards etc) i had to do several touch-ups but i had no irritation at all and i couldn't feel any stubble left even by passing my hand ATG. For now, i'm impressed. BTW i always shave daily. Maybe it's working for me for that reason...?
Yes, the Sensor was the original 2 blade cartridge before the Mach3 and then it just went crazy with more and more blades costing more and more money in order to follow the holy grail of the perfect shave (with a cartridge razor). My observation is that the Sensor with it extremely small cartridge is the best cartridge razor of all time.
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