Gillette guard

I should point out, I'm not asking for myself.

Just looking for a nice and mild starter razor for MrK1 jr.

He will of course be using a decent soap and a brush.

I think the Bic will he fine for now, maybe move onto the Guard.

TBH - a good scrub with a boar brush will probably give him a BBS by itself.

Thanks for the feedback.
Necromancer here

Seemed better to add to an old thread rather than a new one.

Second shave with this today.

It shaves well, but the experience isn't as luxurious as with a DE.

Really impressed.

Important to note I don't shave ATG only at a 45 degree WTG/XTG

It shaves me as close as my aristocrat jr & rocket HD. Which I feel both shave better/closer than my SS red tip.

My 1 & 2 generation Brit aristocrat (#15 + #21) would beat it for a closer shave but maybe not as comfortable or quick a shave.
The Bic Metal is an excellent razor which is quite close to DE razors. I use to shave with it during my adolescent years in the late 80s.

Regarding disposable razors, I personally appreciate the full black plastic 3 blades disposable by SuperMax (Indian brand?) sold at Savers (about £1 for 10 cartridges and a handle); maybe not adequate for everyone, but it does the job for me.
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